A new kind of game studio

eelusion is a game studio based in Berlin, Germany. It was created by people with diverse backgrounds and interests, to form an off-road project with a team that thinks outside the box. The studio develops avant-gardist digital games, which combine advanced technologies - such as Geo-Location or Augmented Reality – with engaging game mechanics, by using internally developed technologies.

eelusion's goal is to provide an alternate reality, where your daily life meets digital dreams. We make the world an interconnected playground.


Games overview

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eevoo II

eevoo is a real-time multiplayer strategy game for the iPhone. It takes the player into a parallel universe called eevoo, which is layered over the real world.

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eevoo JUMP

eevoo JUMP was created for the fans of eevoo, who simply couldn’t get enough of their eevoon. Jump as high as you can to collect the maximum coins and gather crazy bonuses.

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More to come

Besides constantly improving our current games, we have thousands of ideas to improve the world of eevoo and develop mini-games. Learn more about our future plans!

What is up?

Even more advanced

eevoo II


Explore the world of eevoo and its cities by entering the incredible Augmented Reality view. The new world has been divided into square lots and you have to claim a free square to begin your journey in eevoo.
Collect resources, develop your claims into the structures of your dreams across a wonderfully adaptable and picturesque tech-tree, and decorate and protect your properties from other players with a vast range of items.

eevoo II is currently under testing and is available in selected countries.

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Easy-entrance into eevoo

eevoo JUMP


Once again, the eevoon, your loyal robotic minion, will accompany you for new adventures. In the tradition of jumper games you have to collect coins and upgrades while you are on a supersonic ride upwards. A lot of different features like the bluee rush turns this game into long-lasting entertainment.

Use your eevoo account to login and use your coins in the world of eevoo. JUMP is also available offline, so no need for internet connection!

eevoo JUMP will be available soon on the App Store.

What is up

More to come


We see problems as what they are: a chance to improve our skills. And we can assure you, we make good use of those chances. Our staff members are avid gamers themselves and you constantly hear ideas for new games flying around the office.

Our vision is to create a virtual universe, eevoo where players set up a new virtual home atop of our reality. In this cosmos, other games targeting different gaming behaviors will be available to gain assets and resources to use in the eevoo world. We want an interconnected playground thanks to a gaming constellation.

If you have any genius idea and would like to cooperate with us, just drop us a mail and we will brainstorm together!


Keeping the pace


Jürgen Lange


Jürgen is the financial strategist and CEO of the company: He's the main contact with investors. Throughout his 17 years of experience within the IT industry, he brought plenty of companies to success. Jürgen is finalist of the prestigious german award of "Entrepreneur of the year" in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2011.


People, who back our vision

The eelusion Game Studios were born with the financial support of CONVOTIS, main shareholder of the company. CONVOTIS Group was created in 1999 and as of today, is a successful IT group making more than 30 million USD annual turnover and gathering about 400 clients. They are IT specialists developing solutions in various fields such as enterprise search, business continuity and high availability but also implementation of mobile solutions.As the studios are always performing and evolving fastly, eelusion is looking for new partners and investors for further innovative projects.


There are currently no vacancies available.


Meet us

Want to know more about eelusion, its games or its founders? Just drop us a line and we will get in touch with you soon.